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05.07.17 21:22
Stranger Things

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Stranger Things

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Hier bekommst du Awesomeness serienmäßig. Keine frischen News zur hinterletzten Telenovela, die keinen interessiert sondern Serienkultur zu den besten Serien, die es gibt.

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Okay, here’s the deal: Me and C.W. Runks are gonna do this thing. And you know why? Because we’re gonna be f*cking happy. And you know why? Because it’s better than being f*cking miserable all the time. This whole time we’ve been out here it’s been like this midlife crisis rollercoaster ride. And it’s f*cking over! Now! So let’s all just live happily ever after. Good? It’s settled? Good.
Marcy Runkle (Californication)