Deshalb ist der DuckTales-Song so ein Ohrwurm


Autor: - 06.12.17

„With Disney’s recent reboot of DuckTales, that famous theme song has probably been stuck in your head. But why is that famous intro song to Scrooge McDuck’s adventures so catchy? Today, we’re diving into music theory to explain why those few notes and the iconic „woo-hoo“ is a near perfect piece of music!“

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Hier bekommst du Awesomeness serienmäßig. Keine frischen News zur hinterletzten Telenovela, die keinen interessiert sondern Serienkultur zu den besten Serien, die es gibt.

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And now, here we are – tied up, in an Eli Roth movie. This whole thing is so ‚Saw 2‘. Please don’t make me cut off a body part!
Noah (Scream)