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There’s … Johnny! Trailer zum neuen Hulu-Original


Autor: - 11.11.17

„1972, Burbank, California. 19-year-old Andy Klavin (Ian Nelson) is surprised to have stumbled his way into a job at ‚The Tonight Show‘ starring his hero, Johnny Carson. A coming-of-age story, we follow this kid who up till now has never left Nebraska, and is now caught up in the glamorous, fast lane of Hollywood. Sex, drugs, rock & roll – and show business; it’s a long, magical journey ahead. Also starring Jane Levy and Tony Danza.“

There’s … Johnny! startet am 16. November auf Hulu und umfasst 7 Episoden.


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Hier bekommst du Awesomeness serienmäßig. Keine frischen News zur hinterletzten Telenovela, die keinen interessiert sondern Serienkultur zu den besten Serien, die es gibt.

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