„Stranger Things“-Süßigkeiten


Die Leute von „IT’SUGAR“ haben eine Stranger Things-Reihe an Süßigkeiten rausgebracht, die an Elemente aus der Netflix-Serie angelehnt sind. Dabei überzeugen vor allem die originell aufgemachten Verpackungs-Designs. Zwischen 6 und 11 US-Dollar liegen die Preise für die offiziellen Merchandise-Süßigkeiten.

Stranger Things Gummi-Buchstaben

„Spell out your messages to the Upside Down with our Stranger Things Gummy Letters. We love creepy Christmas lights as much as the other guys, but when it comes to communicating with alternate dimensions we’ll always choose the option that tastes better.“

Stranger Things Vermisste Barb Milchkarton

„Justice for Barb! Our Stranger Things Milk Carton asks the question Barb’s friends and family never really cared enough to ask: Where is she? Whether deep in the Hawkins forest or somewhere at the bottom of a pool in the Upside Down, Barb is sure to appreciate that at least someone is trying to locate her.“

Stranger Things The Upside Down Schokoladentafel

„The ultimate souvenir from the Upside Down. This Stranger Things chocolate bar features two flavors: half premium milk chocolate and half grey-speckled white chocolate (we heard it’s a favorite in the Upside Down next to Three Musketeer Bars).“

Stranger Things Gummie-Waffel

„Nothing comes between a (super powerful telekinetic) girl and her waffles! Freezers or toasters are not required to enjoy this oversized maple-flavored gummy.“

My Little Pollywog Gummy

„If you’ve ever wanted an interdimensional pet, My Little Pollywog is a great (and nearly harmless) place to start! Measuring just over 3″, just like Dustin’s pet Dart, this little guy is all fruit flavored gummy. While we can almost guarantee he won’t grow into a demodog, we still suggest keeping it away from your house cat. You know… just in case.“

via: nerdcore


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